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The Round Personal Fireplace is one of our top sellers. If the FLIKRFIRE is lit it will sell. Shipping time is super fast...questions, concerns, and issues are all addressed in a timely matter. It's a great product and our customers love it
- Michael with Quirk & Co

Wholesale partnership

FLIKRFIRE is more than another product in inventory; it is an interactive agent that draws attention and interactivity through the beauty of a mesmerizing flame. Need ideas on how to use it? We are excited in helping FLIKRFIRE not only become a top seller in your store but also be a catlyst for people to engage who might otherwise just passively browse.


We take safety first and foremost. So much more than sales techniques, we are ready and willing to help train your staff in how to safely display FLIKRFIRE in your store and how to advise customers to use it in their home.

Media Deck

We have a myriad of photos and videos ready for whatever your need might be. Looped high-res video of the flame? Got it. Some photos for a display in your store? Done.


FLIKRFIRE is kitted and shipped about twenty feet from where it’s made, and all of it just outside of Chattanooga, TN. We pride ourselves in local manufacturing, quick shipments, & answering questions at the drop of a hat.